Will It be the Next Traffic P2E TON Project? Earn Points and Rewards with Majyo Treasure

A lot of attention has recently been paid to the We3 gaming inside the Telegram x TON ecosystem. This combo should not be taken lightly. The vast user base of Telegram has tremendous development potential for the TON ecosystem, even though it is still in its infancy. Furthermore, to encourage project creation and support advances in social Web3, games, DeFi, and other domains, the TON Foundation has released a number of Grant project lists. Games in the Telegram x TON ecosystem have gained a lot of popularity recently thanks to the solid funding and increased Telegram traffic; the project’s user base and popularity are expanding quickly.

This article will feature one potential hot RPG game which gets more highlights from the TON trending apps. Understanding Notcoin, the latest project of Binance Launchpool, a meme coin that helps TON ecosystem breakthrough has brought promising investment opportunities for investors. We can see that the most crucial aspect is the game itself, which is engaging, enjoyable, and profitable. This explains why nowadays Web3 game projects are emerging in an endless stream. And the one we found after Notcoin, Yescoin, Catcoin, Fishcoin, it’s a casual RPG Miniapp skillfully fusing gameplay with social interaction for an enriched PVP and play-to-earn experience. The official has announced that Majyo Treasure is currently completing its alpha test and is about to launch a public beta for all, accompanied by a campaign that offers USDT rewards for acquiring a large amount of gMajyo during gameplay in order to win future token MAJYO airdrops. (Source from X: https://x.com/MajyoGame, Telegram:https://t.me/MajyoTreasure )

Popular MiniApp TON GameFi – Majyo Treasure

first RPG Mini Game on Telegram and TON, with Telegram’s social features and Web3 GameFi, all within the TON blockchain. By taking on Majyo and flight as a challenger, players can win treasure Gems, Weapons, gMAJYO and collect gifts $MAJYO from upcoming airdrops in the game. Instead of being a simple PVP game, it mixes various gaming techniques, a nurturing upgrade mechanism, P2E and intriguing game scenarios, and stunning game graphics. Additionally, the game included a novel Play2Airdrop option, in which players can earn future airdrops while playing. This means that the earlier a player joins, the more airdrop gifts they will obtain in the future! Its hot trend is none other than Catizen, and the market expects it to be the next traffic star on TON. Since the Alpha test version was released on June 4, 2024, MAJYO has rapidly become one of the most popular GameFi Mini App in the Telegram x TON ecosystem. Currently, they have approximately 20,000 daily active users and 2,300 on-chain users, making them one of the fastest growing on TON gaming.

What makes it stand out among TON Gaming MiniApps?

Innovative game mechanics: It combines multiple key points, about integrating equipment, fighting BOSS for rewards, modes of starting idle to continue fighting, group fights, and PVP leaderboards. Emphasis on community, not only can you fight BOSS online and offline, but you can also share hidden BOSS with the community and fight in groups to share rewards.

A no-cost feature: People do not need to buy NFT, whitelist, or an invitation code; there is no threshold; simply enter the game to begin receiving free gMAJYO. Provides a range of free paths; players can obtain gems by inviting friends on a daily basis, and maintaining steady progress to gain gMajyo. For some premium players, gems can be acquired by recharging $TON, to quickly upgrade, gain fight power. Besides, the public beta of promotional activities can provide players with the best deals.

Various airdrops on Telegram x Ton(Strong Support) & Strategic partnerships: Although future airdrops are incredibly attractive for many projects currently accessible, the rewards at this point are equally appealing. People participating in collab campaigns are allowed to receive gMAJYO/USDT/TON as a reward and perhaps win MAJYO airdrops in the future. Engaging in frequent official updates, such as the beta’s latest campaign launch, they prepared to share the $10,000 USDT prize pool. (Source: https://medium.com/@MajyoTreasure/e32dc6269b04)Transformative Future Vision and Strategy: MAJYO intends to become a Telegram game launchpad platform. More mini-game series are being developed at its Mokoko branded gaming studio, which gives the project direction for the long run. They want to launch Game Launchpool later in the project’s growth, empowering all dedicated players and holders of its governance tokens.

Next, I’ll explain how to receive the early game airdrops:

Game’s public beta on June 21st will begin with a USDT and in-game currency rewards event.

1. Log in daily to receive 50 gems, which will considerably improve your progress.

2. Complete the initial $1 top-up, and you will receive $10 worth of game packs.

3. Follow the player’s directions to challenge and upgrade your beginner’s equipment; the boss level will rise, so if you wish to defeat them, upgrade or raffle the higher level Majyo Weapon.

4. Use gems to raffle or buy materials for upgrades. Enter SHOP and [WISH] for a chance to win supplies.

5. Invite people to join and earn lots of gems.

6. Collect or buy gems to begin a “10 WISH” for Majyo Weapon, a powerful skill gem, and upgrade materials, which are required to face more powerful bosses. (The first time you draw a Majyo Weapon, you will always get a random Majyo Weapon.)

7. Play PVP on a daily basis to improve your rankings, divide the gMajyo Pool, and win equipment materials, which is the quickest way to gain game points (gMAJYO).

8. When challenging a boss, there is a chance you can encounter a hidden boss; remember to copy the code and send it to a Telegram group so you can all win and receive rewards.

9. Click on the “Start idle” option when you are offline yet continue to get earnings.


After the ups and downs of the Bitcoin market, a basic and engaging MEME-themed game is sufficient to impress a wide range of Web3 users. This may imply that project development has a bottom line, but the difficulty of the upper limit remains – project route planning must sustain retention and evergreen, and continual external competitive products add pressure.

Majyo Treasure Official





Whitepaper: https://medium.com/@MajyoTreasure/12ba570786a8

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/majyotreasuregame

project’s contact person name: Judy
email: majyotreasure@gmail.com
state city: Tōkyō

PR Contact :
Name – Anjan Maji
Company – GrowMorePR Agency
Email – anjan@growmorepr.agency
Telegram – @The_Anjan

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