QR Code Frenzy: Have You Been Left Behind?

The Queen of Kindness, author Sabina Oxford, has sparked a QR code scanning frenzy among businesses and readers worldwide with the release of her innovative new book, “100 Acts of Kindness.”

This extraordinary book harnesses the power of the scan-and-see method to connect readers with businesses and individuals dedicated to making the world a better place. The question on everyone’s mind: Have you been left behind?

The QR code scans have hit an all-time high as businesses from across the globe flock to join Sabina Oxford’s scan-and-see movement. This initiative is more than just a book; it’s a digital human library designed to foster global connections and inspire positive change.

“Each QR code in the book is a gateway to a world of inspiration, connecting readers to resources and individuals committed to kindness and innovation,” says Sabina Oxford. “The rise of the scan-and-see method has been phenomenal, and I am thrilled to see how it’s bringing people together.” 

Highlights of “100 Acts of Kindness” include:

  • Interactive QR Codes: 100 QR codes that link to a variety of resources, including free downloads, prize giveaways, secret messages, and more.
  • Global Connections: Each QR code connects to individuals and businesses worldwide, offering readers tools and insights to enhance their lives and communities.
  • Exclusive Content: Hidden messages and exclusive content designed to engage and inspire readers on a deeper level.

To get a glimpse of how these QR codes work and the incredible digital human library that “100 Acts of Kindness” offers, check out our book trailers:

  1. 100 Acts of Kindness Book Trailer 1: Discover the various elements of the book and learn how to use the QR codes effectively. This trailer provides a detailed look at the purpose of the QR codes and how they can enhance your reading experience.
  2. 100 Acts of Kindness Book Trailer 3: Confirm the digital human library aspect of the book and see how it connects readers with inspirational individuals and businesses globally.

Sabina Oxford’s book is filled with surprises, including prizes, free downloads, and secret hidden messages that keep readers engaged and motivated. It’s a perfect blend of technology and human connection, making it a must-read for anyone looking to make a difference.

“100 Acts of Kindness” is available now in both digital and print formats. Book is now available on Amazon. Get a copy by Clicking Here

About Sabina Oxford

Sabina Oxford, known as the Queen of Kindness, is a renowned author and speaker with a mission to spread positivity and kindness. Her work leverages technology and personal connections to foster a more compassionate world. With “100 Acts of Kindness,” Sabina Oxford continues to inspire and empower individuals to make meaningful impacts in their communities and beyond.

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Sabina Oxford

Business Gmail : sabrinaoxford@ymail.com

Book Name : 100 Acts of Kindness

Website: Amazon

Country: United State

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