Van Li, the concept Artist gets invited by art director of Marvel Studios : Unveiling her Surprising Secret to Inspiration

In today’s exclusive interview, we’re joined by Van Li, a distinguished concept designer. With her notable contributions to design in APEX Legends, prop design in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and her recent collaboration with one of the best studios on animation projects, Van Li’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.Now, as she takes on the roles of lead artist and scriptwriter in the creation of independent games, Van Li graciously offers insights into her creative process and invaluable industry experiences.

Pasadena, CA, United States, 26th Apr 2024 – Hello everyone, I’m Van Li. After graduating from Art Center College Of Design, I had the privilege of contributing to the design of several character skins for Apex Legends. Later, through a serendipitous encounter, my work caught the attention of Marvel Studios’ Art Director on a website, leading to my involvement in the production of an animation project for Marvel. Currently, I serve as a Senior Concept Designer at Wild Gem LLC, while also collaborating with a few industry peers to develop an independent game.


As a concept artist within the video game industry, my exposure to gaming during my formative years was quite limited. Raised by my grandparents, neither of whom possessed a computer or game console, I found solace in their extensive collection of literature, encompassing historical accounts and fictional narratives, housed within a spacious room. Sneaking into this treasure trove, I would lose myself in the captivating tales spun within those pages. Despite lacking formal artistic instruction, I eagerly translated the characters from those stories onto paper through drawing and sketching.

During my college tenure, I finally acquired my own laptop, opening the door to a diverse array of video games. Entranced by their rich narratives and immersive environments, I stumbled upon the enthralling role of a concept artist. The enchanting magic these artists conjured behind the scenes of video games deeply fascinated me, prompting my decision to pursue advanced training at the prestigious Art Center College of Design.

Upon graduation, I realized my dream of becoming a concept artist. I had the privilege of contributing to AAA titles, including the acclaimed Apex Legends, and was even honored with an invitation from Marvel Studios to lend my talents to an exciting animation series.

These experiences not only honed my artistic abilities but also afforded me the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to projects that have resonated with audiences worldwide. I take great pride in my journey as a concept artist and eagerly anticipate the continuation of creating visually stunning and immersive experiences for gamers and enthusiasts alike.


As a concept artist, my forte resides in crafting characters, and environments tailored for animations and video games, with a distinct emphasis on shaping narrative-rich personas. Rather than solely pursuing superficial aesthetics, I constantly pursuing in instilling depth and credibility into the characters I bring to life. I derive satisfaction from sculpting their identities and infusing intricate nuances that enrich their authenticity.

As a designer, whenever I feel lost, I remember a story shared by one of my teachers. He recounted an encounter with a stranger where he asked about their profession. The stranger replied, “I’m a doctor, and you?” Feeling somewhat embarrassed, my teacher confessed that his job wasn’t as noble; he was a concept designer for animation. The doctor responded, “I can only treat one person at a time, but your creations could potentially heal thousands or even millions at once.”
This story continues to inspire me, and today I share it with you, the readers, hoping to encourage fellow artists like myself.

I’m regularly engaged in physical activities, such as practicing Muay Thai at the gym with friends, hiking with my dog, and skiing with friends during the winter season. I also enjoy playing RTS games. Music often serves as a potent source of inspiration for me. When I feel mentally drained, I listen to instrumental music and imagine myself in eras or worlds I haven’t experienced before, immersing myself in different roles and scenarios. This imaginative process, where I envision a life vastly different from my own, often ignites a strong desire for creativity.

While I lack formal musical expertise, I find that different music genres and instruments evoke distinct emotions within me. These emotions guide my mind to conjure various visuals. However, when I’m creating, I don’t necessarily translate these mental images directly into my work; instead, I rationalize my instantaneous feelings to materialize them. I have a playlist curated with songs that evoke intense emotions each time I listen to them. To prevent desensitization, I avoid putting these songs on repeat.

Thank you for providing me with this platform to express my views and experiences. I hope my story can inspire and motivate others to courageously pursue their dreams and achieve success in their own fields. Thank you for your support and attention, and I look forward to more opportunities to connect and share in the future.

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