Biceps Coin Introduces Bitcoin Earning Potential for $BICS Token Holders

Zurich, Switzerland, 23rd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Biceps Coin has announced a unique feature for its $BICS token holders. By holding at least 50 million tokens, $BICS holders can earn additional Bitcoin rewards. 

Thanks to Bitcoin’s popularity and growth over time, many early investors are already looking into this young project. With a 3-phased roadmap, Biceps Coin wants to establish itself as a sustainable and profitable contributor to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin Rewards for $BICS Holders

The Biceps Coin project’s core is a direct link to the Bitcoin world. The project rewards all holders with Bitcoin if they hold a certain amount (50 million $BICS tokens minimum). 

Every transaction made with the token generates a fee that the system converts into Bitcoin and shares among $BICS holders. This unique feature can potentially drive future growth for both the token itself and Bitcoin. 

The team shared a compelling example of how this could work in practice. If $BICS has a 1 million daily trading volume, that would mean an automatic purchase of $27,000 worth of Bitcoin. As more and more people hold the token to receive Bitcoin rewards, this amount will continue to increase over time. 

There are already several hints to the success and potential impact of this project in the market:

  • Biceps Token has over 2.4k holders and has recently been on a bullish trend
  • The token completed the listing process on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • The team has applied for a Certik audit to further validate its sustainable foundation 
  • Recently, the token went live on the Bitmart exchange
  • Biceps Token has gained public visibility, appearing on New York Times Square big screens and SpaceX billboards. 

The coin is fully decentralized, with all tokens pooled in pancakeswap, making it deflationary and impossible to manipulate. Additionally, the contract is renounced, meaning no entity has control over the token supply.

Tokenomics and Future Plans

The project’s token ($BICS) has strong tokenomics, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens.

There is a small tax of 4.9% on all buys and sells, but no tax on transfers. Of this 4.9% tax, 2.7% will automatically become BTC and go to $BICS holders.

Additionally, a 0.8% tax will fund buybacks, development, and marketing efforts.

The token also has a deflationary mechanism, with 1.4% of every transaction being burned forever. This trick adds scarcity to the token, potentially increasing its value over time. 

The project also has a strong roadmap. Specifically, the team mentioned plans for partnerships, listings on major exchanges, and even physical product collaborations with gym partners. 

The team behind Biceps (BICS) focuses on creating a strong image for the token through various marketing efforts. These include TikTok campaigns and billboards in New York City. 

In the future, the team plans to continue with strong marketing and partnerships and list on more exchanges. 

Overall, Biceps (BICS) is a decentralized project with a strong focus on community. The team plans to keep the power in the hands of its users and has renounced ownership of the contract. This strategy makes Biceps Coin a truly decentralized ecosystem. 

About Biceps Coin

Biceps Coin is marketing itself as “the easy Bitcoin miner.” The idea is simple: holding onto $BICS will generate additional Bitcoin for every buy and sell. Users must buy a minimum of 50,000,000 $BICS to participate. 

This process is straightforward and eco-friendly, with no need for expensive rigs. The project runs on the BNB Chain and is 100% decentralized. 

The team behind Biceps Coin has renounced ownership of the contract, giving all power to the community. With a strong roadmap, the project plans to establish itself as a sustainable contributor to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The first step in joining this Biceps Coin is to learn more about it on its official website. Furthermore, the social media channels below are helpful to receive the latest news on the project. 

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