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A Canadian visa is a stamp in your passport that allows you to enter the country. It is a formal paper that grants individuals permission to lawfully come and remain in Canada for an unlimited period of time. The Canada eTA visa now serves as an alternative to the traditional visa application process for Canada, fulfilling the same visa criteria and granting travelers equal authorization compared to the existing visa system. To expedite visa applications, Canada introduced an electronic travel authorization in May 2016. When traveling to or from Canada by air from a visa-exempt country, you must obtain an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Likewise, if you plan on flying to Canada without a tourist visa, it is essential to get a Canada eTA visa. The eTA Canada is an online visa for individuals who do not require a visa and want to travel to Canada by air for tourism, business, or transit. The eTA allows multiple entries for tourism, business, or transit purposes with a maximum stay of 6 months each. It is valid for 5 years or until the expiry date of the associated passport, whichever comes first. Since the Canada Visa Application Form is available online, the applicant can easily apply for an eTA without going through any hurdles. Visitors who are eligible to apply for a Canada eTA visa can obtain the necessary authorization at any time of the day from the comfort of their own home without having to visit an embassy or consulate.

Who Requires a Visa to Enter Canada?

If you do not come from a country with a Canadian Visa Waiver Agreement or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), you must request a visa. If you belong to this group and need a visa to go to Canada, you must fill out a form. Visas can be obtained for a range of reasons, such as traveling, studying, working, or moving to another country. A detailed roster consists of 148 nations that Canadian tourists, employees, and settlers need visas for. Depending on the purpose of your travel, citizens from these countries may be required to apply for a visa.


You must follow these easy procedures to apply for a visa to Canada:

  • Check if you’re eligible to travel to Canada.

  • Check your eligibility for a Canadian visa.

  • Get the documents that show you meet the criteria for a visa.

  • Create an online profile.

  • Give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics)

  • Put the document file together.

  • Cover the costs.

  • Wait for your Canadian visa to be processed.

  • Passport and processing costs must be submitted.


How do I apply for a Canadian visa online?

To request a Canadian visa on the internet, go to the official website for immigration and citizenship of the Government of Canada and set up an account. This website belongs to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and is the official site. Once you have registered, you have the option to complete the necessary forms and upload the requested paperwork via the internet according to the guidelines provided.

What types of visas can I apply for online?

The types of visas available for online application vary depending on the reason for your visit. The most common forms of visas filed online are visitor visas (including tourist visas and business visas), study permits (for international students), work permits (for temporary workers), and electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for visa-exempt nations.

What documents are required for a Canadian visa application?

The documentation required for a Canadian visa application may differ depending on the type of visa and your individual circumstances. A valid passport, a completed application form, proof of financial support, a travel itinerary, a letter of invitation (if applicable), and any other documents relevant to the visa category you are seeking are all acceptable. It is critical to consult with the Canadian government about the specific requirements for the visa type you are seeking.

How long does it take to process a Canadian visa application?

The processing time for a Canadian visa application may differ depending on factors such as the kind of visa, the number of applications received, and the applicant’s personal circumstances. In general, processing time can range from a few weeks to many months. It is recommended that you submit your application well in advance of your intended trip dates to allow for appropriate processing time.

Can I track the status of my Canadian visa application online?

Yes, you may monitor the progress of your Canadian visa application online. After submitting your application, you will be assigned a tracking number. This tracking number can be used to verify the status of your application on the IRCC website. The online system will keep you updated on the status of your application, such as if it is being processed, whether additional papers are needed, and whether a decision has been made.


Canada is a developed country located in North America, positioned directly north of the United States. In recent years, the popularity of traveling to Canada has increased, yet many individuals are uncertain about the logistics of getting there. A Canadian visa is an official endorsement in your passport that grants you entry into the country. It is a document that grants permission for you to come into the country and reside there lawfully, either on a temporary or permanent basis. When you apply for a visa to Canada, the Canadian consulate or embassy in your home country will assess your eligibility and compliance with the entry requirements.

Types of Canada visa

  • Canada Visitors Visa

  • Canada Student Visa

  • Canada Super Visa

  • Canada Business Visa

  • Canada Temporary Work Visa

Canada Visitors Visa

The visitor visa, sometimes known as a tourist visa, allows the holder to enter Canada for the purpose of tourism.

Canada Student Visa

A Canadian student visa is provided to people who have been accepted to study at a Canadian university. If you are studying in Canada for less than six months, you can only obtain a TRV visa; however, if you are studying for more than six months, you must obtain a student visa.

Canada Super Visa

The value of a family cannot be overstated. The Canadian Supervise program allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to spend extended periods of time with their children or grandchildren. The Supervisa is valid in Canada for up to ten years and can be applied for by parents or grandparents.

Canada Business Visa

The business visa is issued to individuals or groups of businesspeople traveling to Canada for business purposes.

Canada Temporary Work Visa

A Canada Temporary Work Visa is issued to those who have a job offer in Canada and will be working for up to 6 months. To obtain this visa, the individual must present a valid letter of offer from an employer and qualify for a temporary visa.


  1. Andorra

  2. Australia

  3. Austria

  4. Bahamas

  5. Barbados

  6. Belgium

  7. Brunei Darussalam

  8. Bulgaria

  9. Chile

  10. Croatia

  11. Czech Republic

  12. Denmark

  13. Estonia

  14. Finland

  15. France

  16. Germany

  17. Greece

  18. Hong Kong

  19. Hungary

  20. Iceland

  21. Ireland

  22. Israel

  23. Italy

  24. Japan

  25. Latvia

  26. Liechtenstein

  27. Lithuania

  28. Luxembourg

  29. Malta

  30. Mexico

  31. Monaco

  32. Netherlands

  33. New Zealand

  34. Norway

  35. Papua New Guinea

  36. Poland

  37. Portugal

  38. Republic of Cyprus

  39. Romania

  40. Samoa

  41. San Marino

  42. Singapore

  43. Slovakia

  44. Slovenia

  45. Solomon Islands

  46. South Korea

  47. Spain

  48. Sweden

  49. Switzerland

  50. Taiwan

  51. United Arab Emirates

  52. United Kingdom

  53. Vatican City


Mexican citizens wanting to fly to Canada need to get a Canadian eTA, as per Canada’s visa regulations. The Canadian government introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system in 2015 for visitors from over 50 nations, including Mexico. Citizens from these countries with a valid passport are not required to get a regular visa to travel to Canada. The eTA for Canada is a digital permit made for Mexican passport bearers to grant them access to the nation. This internet-based application process enables citizens from visa-exempt countries, such as Mexico, to seek authorization to travel to Canada. The Canadian eTA for Mexicans allows for a stay of 6 months in Canada and can be used for tourism, business meetings, visiting relatives, or passing through to another location. The Canadian eTA is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue or until the traveler’s Mexican passport expires (whichever comes first). This means that visitors to Mexico do not have to reapply every year, as is the case with traditional visas. Mexican citizens can enter and exit Canada as many times as they wish as long as they do so within the validity period of their eTA. Applicants do not need to visit the nearest Canadian embassy, submit documents, or attend an in-person interview. Everything is done online, and it takes most applicants about 15 minutes to complete the application.

Documents required for the Canada eTA Application

  • A valid Mexico-issued passport.

  • A current email address to receive notifications and confirmation of the Canadian eTA.

  • A valid form of payment (credit card or debit card) to pay for the eTA fees.

  • A device with internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in order to fill out and submit their application.

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