CELLE BELLE Cell Communication Factor Leads the Skincare New Era

Dr. Jacques Lefevre: Pioneer of Cell Skincare

French biologist Dr. Jacques Lefevre is a pioneer in skincare, blending beauty with technology to usher in a new era of cell skincare. In the early 20th century, amidst the global wave of cell revolution, Dr. Lefevre pursued biology at the University of Paris, developing a keen interest in cell biology.

The “cell communication factor” is the exclusive research of CELLE BELLE, as a result of Dr. Lefevre’s research. This innovative achievement combines cell biology with skincare, opening up new horizons in the skincare field. The cell communication factor promotes communication and exchange between skin cells, accelerating skin repair and regeneration, restoring youthfulness, smoothness, and elasticity to the skin.

Cell Communication Factor Leading a New Era in Skincare

In 1920, Dr. Lefevre officially founded the CELLE BELLE laboratory, embarking on a journey of exploration in the skincare field. In this laboratory, he first applied the “cell communication factor” to the beauty industry, launching the classic product “cell factor cream.” This cream, developed by him personally, made its debut at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, France, shaking the entire Europe.

However, Dr. Lefevre’s achievements did not stop there. Another breakthrough innovation by Dr. Lefevre was the birth of the “bandage-style” product. He combined medical bandages with cream, creating a completely new way of skincare, providing unprecedented care for the skin.

Inspired by medical cosmetic practices of the 1950s

In terms of human skin application, CELLE BELLE’s cell communication factor products not only enhance skin repair ability but also effectively combat signs of aging, rejuvenating the skin with youthful vitality. One of the most notable products is the “bandage-style mask,” which not only integrates contemporary technology, providing delicate care for the skin, but also brings a skincare experience rich in historical charm.

The medical gauze redesigned using modern technology is more suitable for skincare, with its mesh design allowing the cream to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers more evenly, and the bandage wrapping effect provides more comprehensive care for the skin. This mask not only pays tribute to the classic skincare method but also reproduces the skincare history, allowing people to experience the beauty luxury of 1950s Europe under the blessing of modern technology.

Not only is it more advanced in technology, but it also achieves deeper skincare effects. Its unique design and formula bring users a new skincare experience, allowing everyone to feel the charm of skincare science.

Today, CELLE BELLE is reintroducing this classic, launching the new “bandage-style” mask. This product not only pays tribute to Dr. Lefevre’s innovative achievements but also commemorates an important milestone in skincare history. It combines contemporary technology with traditional wisdom, bringing a skincare journey connected to history.


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