VitaOptix Introduces Advanced Spectral Technology for Skin Health Assessment

Shanghai, China, 26th Mar 2024 – VitaOptix is a pioneer in the field of spectral skin technology, commercialized by Dr. Stefan Müller from the Department of Physics at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Founded in London, UK, in 2019, it focuses on distinctive spectral diagnostics and treatments.

VitaOptix’s spectral technology is widely applied in skin and beauty analysis, including skin analysis, pigment spot and lesion detection, skin aging assessment, laser treatment monitoring, and drug permeability assessment.

Breakthroughs in the field of medical aesthetics are reflected in the following aspects:

Spectral Technology and Skin Analysis: By analyzing the reflection, absorption, and scattering of light of different wavelengths in skin tissue, VitaOptix’s technology can provide detailed information on skin tissue structure, pigment deposition, and blood circulation, offering a comprehensive assessment of skin health for doctors and beauty experts.

Pigment Spot and Lesion Detection: Utilizing spectral technology, VitaOptix can identify and quantify pigment spots and lesions on the skin surface, including melanoma, freckles, and moles. This provides a scientific basis for early diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Aging Assessment: VitaOptix’s spectral technology can assess the degree of skin aging, including elasticity, moisture content, and wrinkle formation. By measuring the reflection and absorption of light of different wavelengths on the skin surface in real-time, it provides an effective basis for anti-aging treatment plans.

Laser Treatment Monitoring: During laser treatment, VitaOptix’s spectral technology can be used to monitor changes in the optical properties of the treatment area, including skin temperature and blood perfusion. This helps ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Drug Permeability Assessment: Spectral technology can be used to assess the permeability and absorption of drugs on the skin surface. By measuring the penetration depth and reflection of light of different wavelengths in skin tissue, it provides strong guidance for drug research and application.

On January 24, 2024, VitaOptix officially launched its first product for the Asia-Pacific region in Shanghai, China: an AI Spectral Skin Scope. This product is small in size and low in cost but performs exceptionally well. After detailed evaluation, its detection effect is comparable to the top international product VISIA, but at only 1/10th the cost. VitaOptix has also achieved open measurement of this skin scope through its advanced spectral ambient light calibration algorithm, eliminating the need for cumbersome enclosed shading operations like many competitors.

The launch of VitaOptix’s AI Spectral Skin Scope has attracted high attention within the industry in mainland China, quickly garnering a large number of orders from small and medium beauty salons and skincare counters. VitaOptix’s excellent skin testing experience and high cost-effectiveness have won high praise from its first batch of customers.

VitaOptix also plans to expand the AI Skin Scope to the Southeast Asian market through a distributor model this year, especially targeting the rapidly developing beauty industries in Thailand and Vietnam. Dr. Stefan Müller believes that VitaOptix can replicate its success in mainland China in the Southeast Asian market.

VitaOptix will continue to lead the innovation and application of spectral technology in the medical aesthetics field, bringing more intelligence and possibilities to the beauty industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

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