One million 2-carat diamond jewelry pieces committed to saving the US industry.

The campaign has estimate value nearly 50B dollars from Goldmark Oakham for small and medium businesses.

Diamonds are known as some of the most luxurious, exclusive, and expensive gems in the world. Their price point is sometimes so high that only a select group of people can afford to have one in their collection.

The company’s revitalizing community is part of a larger plan that aims to strengthen the Beauty Arts industry’s commitment to economic recovery. “After the pandemic in the past 2 years, the beauty industry in particular lost up to 20 billion USD per year, we need to restore the economy to the beauty industry and technology in a comfortable, fun and continuous way” – Representative of Goldmark Oakham – Mrs. Stephanie Lafonte shared.

For the last decade, Goldmark Oakham has famously known as top contributors to the industry by kinds and effectively actions.

The famous jewelry manufacturer researches the technology and system of creating natural diamond powder to apply to the beauty industry to enrich the value and attractiveness of its creations. The use of diamond powder in works has been greatly used by artists from the early 90’s to the present, such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Russell Young, …. some creations are valuable to a dollar advisor.

The use of diamond powder in art is symbolic and presents a remarkable outlet for creativity while highlighting themes such as glamor, money and popular culture. It is a material that can easily transform canvas into something glamorous, unique, and ornate.


Goldmark Oakham corporate with many partners in merchant services to support EACH MERCHANT PER MONTH UP TO 2 KARAT DIAMOND JEWELRY PER MONTH (costs are expected to be around millions and millions dollar p per month and last for a limited of time, with an expected total value of around $50 Billion. Goldmark Oakham operators are working around the clock to ensure the supply of goods to qualified businesses.

 “We hope that they will ease the burden on supplies, and possibly new product and service breakdowns, to help businesses attract customers to the store.” 

Contact Info:

Name: Raymon Rodriguez


Organization: Goldmark Oakham


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