New Waves and New challenges for AIGC+

As the world’s largest non-homogeneous token (NFT) trading platform, OpenSea has led many celebrities, fashion brands, and artists involved in the NFT frenzy to issue NFT on it and build their own communities and networks since its launch. Due to the distributed storage, uniqueness, and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, NFT and OpenSea have now become network carriers for some organizations to express their demands by relying on digital artworks.

Recently, a DAO calling itself “TheRealAmerica” released two distinctive NFTs on OpenSea, namely “Shattered Dreams” which criticized the proliferation of gun violence and “U.S. Military Hegemony and War” which protested against US military hegemony, and promised all proceeds from the NFT auction will be donated to relevant organizations.

Excellent Demonstration from AIGC

Different from traditional art creation and NFT casting, these two sets of NFT works are generated by AI, full of signs of AIGC. “Shattered Dreams” is a collage of surreal cartoons, silhouette art, and drip paintings, and abundant AIGC traces can be found in the details. “U.S. Military Hegemony and War” is a mix of Jack Kirby, Charlie Adlard, Gary Frank, and many other comic book artists, which usually don’t appear in the same series of works. These works may come from Midjourney or DALL·E 2, and then undergo secondary editing and typesetting.

AIGC+NFT, this is not the first time, but this is an excellent demonstration of creating details and image quality. In the past, NFTs issued by celebrities, fashion brands, and artists were popular in the market, and they benefited from the creativity of the artist or the reputation of the issuer. But now, “TheRealAmerica”, who has no artistic talent and no fame, has launched a free and brilliant challenge. It released two sets of high-quality NFT works with the help of AICG and Web3.0, and publicized its social demands-protesting against gun violence and calling for peace-as much as possible.

New Era and New Challenges for OpenSea

According to the evaluation of some AIGC artists, it will not take long for “TheRealAmerica” to produce these two sets of works (a total of 25 independent works), maybe only two weeks. “Everyone will act, Republicans, Democrats, people with no artistic talent… except maybe the Amish. This is the new era of NFTs,” said one of the artists.

Although AIGC+NFT is of great help to non-profit organizations protesting against gun violence, it is a new challenge for NFT trading platforms like OpenSea. In the past year, OpenSea has been working hard to manage the endless counterfeit NFTs on the platform, but with little success, and now AIGC works with vague copyrights are coming (although Midjourney claims that the creators of AIGC own the copyright).

Up to now, “Lost Eyes Amidst The City Ruins” NFT in “U.S. Military Hegemony and War” have been auctioned at an astonishing price of 10 eth, and the impact of such casting methods and innovative presentations will continue.

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