Best Rotating Residential Proxy for 2023

United States, 8th Apr 2023 – Businesses face numerous challenges regarding web data scraping and monitoring as the internet evolves. These challenges range from IP blocking, captcha, and verification codes to session requests and slow response times, all of which can limit data collection and analysis effectiveness.

With Lunaproxy, you can enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions, zero IP blocking, zero verification codes, global coverage, and 90 million stable residential proxies. This enables businesses to scale up their web data scraping and monitoring activities while enhancing their insights and decision-making capabilities.

Let us check out Lunaproxy in a little more detail.

value for money

LunaProxy brings you the best residential proxy service on the market,Enjoy 90 million residential IP units at only $0.8/GB

195+ locations worldwide

proxies in every corner of the globe, with city-level targeting.

Average 99.9% success rate

Offers an average success rate of 99.9%. Our proxy rotation means you are in control of your sessions and avoid IP bans and captchas

accurate locating

Each residential IP provided by LunaProxy is a real mobile or desktop device that pinpoints a physical location .

Instant IP change

Change your IP with a simple API request and get a new residential proxy from the pool almost instantly.

auto rotate

Automatically switch and change your residential IP proxy at set intervals. Specify how often you want the auto-rotation: every 1, 10 or 30 minutes.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

No limits and constraints – send an unlimited number of concurrent sessions


Use them for any website as long as it’s not illegal.

Smartproxy VS lunaproxy evaluation analysis

1. Luna proxy (0.8$/GB)

IP type IP pool cover location Proxy agreement IP rotation
residential proxy 90M+ 195+ socks5,http(s) Sticky/Rotating IP
position Success rate speed bandwidth sticky duration
national city 99.99% fast unlimited 30 minutes

Smartproxy ($12.5/GB ) 1673848693890167384869389016738486938901673848693890

IP type IP pool cover location Proxy agreement IP rotation
residential proxy 40M+ 195+ https Sticky/Rotating IP 
position Success rate speed bandwidth sticky duration
national city 99.2% fast unlimited 10 minutes

Why Do I Recommend Using Lunaproxy?

Lightning Fast Response Time:

JSON Automatic Parsing and Flexible Parameter Adjustment:

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions:

Zero IP Blocking:

Global Coverage:

90 Million Residential Proxies:

They provide the most stable residential proxy IP pool, ensuring that you always have access to the data you need when you need it.

Coupon code: 4Nxg7Es5Eb1z

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